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entrepreneur PROGRAMS

Coached by someone who's done it and understands you 
Claire Vidal is a skilled and tactic-oriented business coach and advisor for entrepreneurs. She is a business warrior and survivor who has launched several businesses in France and in the US, and ran her own award-winning start-up in the fashion industry for seven years. She identifies problems quickly to transforms businesses and uses her creative skills to open new opportunities for growth. Her energy and passion come to life when she partners with founders/entrepreneurs to build their business with resilience and focus, understanding their struggles and igniting their full potential.
She is passionate about helping your business idea come to life or helping you navigate your current situation. She coaches founders and entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis and combines a hands-on approach of business challenges with MBA-infused business strategy skills. 
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The Pioneer

You want to branch out and launch your own business.

I am here for you

Image by Wicked Sheila

 The Warrior

Your business is a battlefield, and you are not sure where to go next.

Boxing Gloves

The Sparring Partner

You need a long term adviser to support your business growth

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