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How do you bridge the divide between an established firm and an early stage disruptor?
How do you reconcile institutional structure with the nimble reality of startup culture?
Companies who want to do CVC right need a cultural link—an expert who's made her home in both worlds and knows how to navigate the unique challenges on either side.
Having spent much of my career as an automotive, tech, and wearables executive, I know how to manage the structure of a leading organization. Having also spent a decade as an entrepreneur, I know the thrill of facing new and exciting opportunities every day.
As someone who's been in the trenches and in the boardroom, I'm uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between your organization and the small ventures you're seeking to fund.
Here's what I can do for you: 


Startup Scouting
Market innovation isn't hard to spot. What is hard is finding the right founders to support your strategy for tapping into that innovation.
You need an innovative startup that won't only serve as your tip of the spear but will fit seamlessly into the fabric of your organization. To find that needle, you'll need an experienced set of eyes to rifle through the haystack of startups out there.
With an MBA from INSEAD, certification in Transformational Coaching, and extensive experience in go-to-market strategy, I've got the tools you need to find a team worth backing. Trained analytic skills along with a deep understanding of business dynamics and planning give me an external eye that'll make sure you nail your next investment.
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Startups don't just need money; they need mentorship.
THE PROBLEM: investment dollars kill transparency
You want to coach your founders, but they're reluctant to share their problems for fear of appearing incompetent or out of control. As a result, you lose touch with the true state of your investment.
What every CVC investment need is a coach—a sympathetic mediator who can step in to provide much-needed guidance to founders. What you and they need is someone who can listen, understand what founders are dealing with, and keep them engaged and in tune with their business.
THE SOLUTION: keeping your investment on track
In coaching, my role is to keep your investment on track. My work is confidential; our success depends on the founders' freedom to be completely transparent. The value of my coaching shows up in their business success, and most evidently in the value startups provide when they go to market.
Human Resources departments regularly pay to have top executives coached up to their full potential. Why should your founders be any different? Coaching is an investment in your investment—money well spent to ensure your capital is put to its best possible use.
Because I am not only a coach, but an entrepreneur myself, and an expert in launching new projects, I can also help your startups design the right strategy to unleash their market potential. 
My career has been spent in launching innovations, whether in the automotive, audio or FashionTech industry. My passion for aligning branding, messaging and business development makes my approach unique and my value unprecedented.
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