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INNOVATORS & start-ups

For my entire career, I've partnered with innovative disruptors to help them access new markets and accelerate their business as quickly as possible. I've provided the guidance and tools necessary for understanding their new ecosystem and taking it by storm.
Branding, Marketing & Communication Strategy
This has been my core talent and expertise for the past 20 years. Whether you are operating in a B2B industry with technical products, or you are a lifestyle/fashion start-up launching a new product line, I can support your brand in creating the right marketing strategy that will skyrocket your results.
My creative mind thinks out-of-the-box, explores your ecosystem, imagines partnerships, and keeps you out of conventional tactics that don't work anymore.
Marketing plan, Event production, PR, Communication Strategy, Digital Marketing, Branding
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Let's imagine what is possible for YOUR  business
Disruptive Marketing & Go-to-market Strategies
By definition, disruption means the old rules no longer apply. The same old strategy that worked yesterday won't allow you to access the market tomorrow. You're entering into new territory, and what you need is an expert navigator to help you cut a new path.
To create a Quantum Leap for your business, I focus on providing...
  • the right mindset. As a certified Transformational Coach, I help innovators focus on goals so they can create exponential growth. When doubts corrupt your mind, I challenge your thinking to keep you on track.
  • the right strategy and tools. As an experienced entrepreneur and marketing expert, I specialize in selling unique value. When old rules don’t apply, I bring an unconventional approach that multiplies opportunities.
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to disrupt your market
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