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VIDAL VENTURES is honored to be part of the network of experts and strategists collaborating with GrowthX to help companies protect and grow market share and create new profitable growth opportunities by harnessing disruption.

Commercializing Innovation


Conventional corporate wisdom fails to address the challenges involved in creating markets for disruptive new products: the time required to educate customers and learn how they will use it, the inevitable design modifications to satisfy customers, and the development of a repeatable sales model.

Products are not born market-ready. Companies launching a disruptive product must follow a market development process that unfolds through the give-and-take between the company and its customers.

Market Development


We have adapted our deep expertise in helping hundreds of early stage companies find product-market fit to helping large corporations commercialize innovation.

We operate as your Market Development team, working hand-in-hand with technology and product development teams, and business unit management, to commercialize innovative new products.

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